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Our history

The birth of DENOS Health Management

DENOS Health Management is part of group of companies, which also includes DENOS Medical Assistance, set up in 2010, (www.denos-assistance.fr), a Third Party Administrator for medical insurances companies.
DENOS Health Management was established from the commitment of its founders to enable people from all over the world to enjoy the benefit of practices and quality healthcare of the highest standard. Aware of the issues tied to the improvement of healthcare systems in intermediary countries, they saw the necessity to help as many countries as possible secure access to top-level healthcare, and to help in the development of skills for local healthcare practitioners and staff through training, the implementation of procedures adjusted to the healthcare systems of host countries and interchange between practitioners and experts.

Our Vision & Values

DENOS Health Mangement’s vision is to be the trusted international leader for excellence in health care management in a constantly changing environment. We will meet the unique needs of all our clients and be distinguished for the passion of our team and partners in providing quality, innovative services.

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Organizational Ethics

Guided by ethical values based on honesty, respect for all cultures, religions and individuals and integrity in all clinical and business practices.

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Teamwork & Partnerships

System effectiveness is directly proportionate to the collective strength of teams and partners, open communication and mutual respect. Together we accomplish more than with individual achievements.

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Innovation and Quality

We continually strive for quality and performance improvement, adapt to change and remain on the forefront of the latest developments and patient safety initiatives.

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We recognize, respect and actively support differences among individuals and support the personal, professional, and organizational growth through this philosophy.

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We empower our employees and the employees of our clients to achieve their full potential towards sustainability and self-sufficiency.


Our Missions

DENOS at a glance

“DENOS Health Management’s mission is to provide hospitals around the world with medical equipment, hospital engineering and other services such as commissioning and management for meeting specific and complex challenges specifically designed for individual needs.

  • We assess needs, specifications then we purchase, install and maintain medical equipment.
  • We implement training and development based on the latest international standards to provide exceptional health care in diverse communities.
  • We assist hospitals with the entire commissioning and management process, whether it be an entire organization, or a new unit, department or service. We provide complete commissioning and management solutions for all our client’s needs.
  • We provide a total quality management system that includes the provision of all policies and procedures, training sessions, monitoring, supervision and human resource requirements. We are able to assess your operational requirements and will assist with recruitment needs that will ensure that the delivery of quality care and safety are given the highest priority and never compromised.”
Olivier CARLI,

Join us !

DENOS Health Management is regularly seeking professionals with the following skills:

  • Hospital technicians: Biomedical engineers and technicians,…
  • Health Administrators in the following fields: Management, Human Resources, Information System, Supply Chain, Quality Management, Risk Management, Medical Equipment...
  • Medical Staff: Surgeons, Intensive Care Doctors, Medical Doctors, Emergency Doctors…
  • Paramedical Staff: Head Nurses, Trainers, Hygiene Nurses…
  • Allied Health Professionals: Laboratory Technicians, X-Ray Technicians, Dieticians, Hospital cleaners…
  • Knowledge of the following languages is a plus: English, Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish.
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